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#10 Spiral Neck Wrap

Posted by Dee Howe on April 24, 2018 at 2:05 PM

Spiral Neck Wrap

This wrap brings self awareness to how the horse is holding and using their body in relationship to their head while redirecting movements patterns.

It is especially beneficial for horses that have been compromised at the third vertebrae by over flexing or injury and/or horses that tend to balance from the neck instead of engaging their hind. It should normally be used with at least one wrap integrating the hind end in some way (the figure 8 is a good place to start).

This wrap can either go through the mouth, across the forehead or just tying the end to the halter depending on what is needed. I recommend initially just tying it off at the halter and then progressing to through the mouth or across the forehead in later sessions.

Start by attaching the velcro end of a wrap to a figure 8 wrap, surcingle or saddle. Working up the neck, wrap 2, 3 or 4 times around (depending on the length of your wrap). Tie to the side O ring on the halter. You can finish here or thread the wrap through the noseband, inside the horses mouth (right where a bit would be placed) and tie to the square ring/noseband on the other side. OR place the wrap snuggly across the forehead and tie to the upper O ring on the other side. The wrap around the neck should be snug enough to provide a gentle massaging action but should not be tight enough to restrict the horses movement or breathing in anyway. Be sure to check the wrap with the horses head in different positions and make sure that it does not become restricting when the horse raises, lowers or lengthens their head & neck.

Caution: If you put the wrap through the horses mouth your wrap may end up with teeth marks! Because of this I usually recommend using an older pair.

*WARNING* Do not leave this wrap on without direct supervision!

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