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#4 Base with Individual Hind Legs Wrapped

Posted by Dee Howe on January 31, 2018 at 2:55 PM


Base With Individual Hind Legs Wrapped:

This wrap is particularly usefull for groin injuries, maintaining the SI joint, stifle issues and whenever a horse is having difficulty seperating one hind leg from the other. I often us this in conjuction with the tail wrap. It helps to reinstate the hips while the horse is in movement.

Starting with the neck wrap with the bowline knot, wrap one hind leg, bring the wrap back to the bowline knot and then wrap the other hind leg and tie off at the bowline. You may need 3+ polo wraps to accomplish this. This wrap, specifically, is much easier to apply with a surcingle as you are able to attach each wrap to a ring on the side of the surcingle. The wraps going around each hind leg should fit snugly in the bend above the gaskin.

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