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#2 Base Wrap + Tail

Posted by Dee Howe on January 17, 2018 at 2:40 PM


Base Wrap + Tail:

This wrap, the base figure-eight wrap plus a third wrap from the withers to the tail, is my favorite combination. This wrap literally connects the horse from head to tail.

The additional wrap under the tail massages muscles and acupressure points in the tail area. It helpshorses collect and calm down, especially uptight, tail-clamping, tail swishing and nervous horses. It also helps horses at the other extreme: Those with limp tails who move in a lazy, sluggish manner.

After I try it for several one and two hour sessions, I will put the spooky or nervous horse in a small pen or stall and leave the wraps on all day. I only do this when I can check on the horse frequently to assure his safety. Make sure you check the area for obstacles that the wraps can catch on. Follow the instructions on how to tie a bowline knot in the neck wrap, and be sure to use the Velcro on the other wraps so they will come undone if they catch on anything.

After placing a the Base Wrap #1 start the tail wrap by attaching the Velcro around the neck wrap at the withers. Stretch it along the horse’s back and under the tail. Tie it off on the neck wrap at the withers.

Keep safety in mind while placing the wraps. I keep my hand on the horse’s hip so I can push the horse away if he decides to bolt or kick. Notice this wrap is stretched tight under the tail.

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