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#1 Figure 8/Base Wrap

Posted by Dee Howe on December 20, 2017 at 2:30 PM

Wrapping Wednesday!!!

Let's start with what I call a “base wrap.” This is a figure-eight wrap around the horse’s neck and hindquarters. This wrap generally increases the horse’s connection from his head to hindquarters. The massaging action increases circulation to the front and hind legs and stimulates the acupressure points on the withers. Once you put this base wrap on, the horse will square up and immediately walk off with a longer stride.

This wrap is good for weanlings, horses that you are starting, or those that have been laid off. It calms horses who don’t like to stand still or those who paw the ground when tied. It helps those who seem mentally disoriented start to focus. It also addresses those who are physically stung out be squaring them up. I use this basic wrap when I am limited with time or number of wraps. I find it especially useful to put on horses who are tied up or in a stall about 30 minutes before they are worked. Use when you work the horse without a saddle, during lunging, when the horse is in his stall or tied up.

Let your horse smell the wrap first. Begin the figure-eight wrap by tying a bowline knot around the horse’s neck. Keep the Velcro end as long as possible so you can attach it to the Velcro end of the wrap which goes around the horse’s hindquarters. Place the knot on the withers. Add the hindquarter wrap by placing its Velcro on the neck wrap’s Velcro. The hindquarter wrap goes around the horse’s hind legs. Place it snugly in the bend of the hind legs above the gaskin. For safety, keep your hand on the horse while bringing the wrap around the hind legs. Tie the hindquarter wrap to the wrap around the neck with a simple slip knot. Watch the hindquarter wrap as the horse works. If it stretches too much, shorten the wrap. The base Figure-Eight wrap completed. Notice your horse standing square and relaxed. His hind legs up underneath him.

This wrap can be used alone or tied to a surcingle or saddle.

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